App Concept and Design

The purpose behind the Foodie Passport app is to turn people's lunch hour into a more culturally productive time. This collaborative project helps users to break their food routine by browsing local eateries based on their origins geographically to discover new foods and cultures. 

I was the UX designer for this project, so I brainstormed and designed what the app needed in terms of screens, how each was organized, the layout, and how they all work together. 


We created an explore screen that represented a world map so it can simulate a person planning for their next destination. People are able to identify what kind of food they feel like eating and navigate to the country the food originates from. 


 When the user selects the country of their choice, it is highlighted and the screen zooms in while a list of restaurant slides in based on location. This provides a smooth transition to the different options the user is shown. 


We wanted for the user to feel as if they were traveling with an actual passport, so they are able to "collect" stamps of places they've already visited within the Passport tab and save places they'd like to eventually go to within the Bucket List tab. 


UX Designer: Erika Marquez
UI Designer: Seain Willingham
Art Direction: Cameron Miller